I waited a long time for Terminator 3 to find out how judgement day happens.

So it really didn’t matter to me how they did it – I just wanted some continuation of the story.

People don’t like this movie for a bunch of reasons. I always try to find the good in movies, so here are 4 things to like about Terminator 3:


Claire Danes is in it. Who doesn’t like Claire Danes? She’s pretty great.


Nick Stahl plays a great 20-something John Connor. I liked him in Carnivale. He’s really good at playing a guy who is just trying to survive and is only a little bit likeable.


He’s back and he’s funnier and a bit wiser. Upgraded programming with Psych 101.


Skynet needed a better way to infiltrate and made the terminator a sexy lady. And she has tons of advanced circuitry like an arm that can turn into complex weapons. Way better than Robert Patrick’s liquid metal version.

Star Trek: Nemesis
Terminator Salvation