Welcome to my series of posts called “Will Ferrell Has Been in at Least 25 Movies Since 1997”.

It’s not just the title of this series, it’s also true.

How many TOTAL movies has Will Ferrell been in?  Who knows, and who cares?

Was he in any movies before 1997?  Maybe!

I used to call these posts movie reviews, but they are more like rants.

2 – Men Seeking Women (1997)

The year is 1997.

Will Ferrell has been on SNL for 2 years and is gaining popularity. Not enough to carry a film, but apparently enough to be a co-star.

Though he is one of the “three friends” in this movie, he actually doesn’t even get top billing.

Maureen Teefy gets billing on IMDB before Will Ferrell.

I don’t know who that is either.

The other two “friends” are Anthony Palermo (this was his biggest role) and Grant Schaud (arguably the most famous cast member, he had just finished 8 seasons on Murphy Brown).

You might already be thinking this movie doesn’t sound very good.

You are correct.

I’m not a big Grant Schaud fan, and it looks like they were counting on him to carry the movie.

It’s no coincidence that the trailer is Will Ferrell heavy. His parts are the funniest. The Anthony Palermo clip is just painful.

At one point Will Ferrell goes on a date with Nia Vardalos (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and it is beyond awkward.

But maybe that is the point of this movie.

These guys are really bad with women, so perhaps the director wanted to make every interaction awkward on purpose.

Everyone seems to be trying way too hard in this movie and that’s the point.

I believe that trying too hard to be “attractive” tends to push genuine people away, and attracts people who are also trying to be something they think others want.

Not my kind of movie but interesting to see how Will Ferrell does in his first big screen role.

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