Can’t wait for the sequel

Love the District 9 concept: aliens finally arrive here and it turns out that they need our help because something went wrong with their ship.

They seem to have super advanced technology but none of it works anymore for whatever reason.

Of course, we treat them like refugees and give them basic food and shelter.

We experiment on them like animals and it’s really just a dismal situation.

There’s really so much going on with this movie:

  • Aliens
  • Futuristic Technology
  • Nigerian drug lords
  • Military vs. science

I can understand how it might be hard to follow and why some people gave it negative reviews because it’s all over the place.  But I don’t care about that.

I like movies that have a whole bunch of different things going on.  Why does everything have to be so focused?

The main journey, however is the one of our protagonist (played by Sharlto Copley) who experiences what it is like to be one of the aliens and then has to make a decision to help or hinder them.