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Why? Why was I programmed to feel pain?! I think Neill Blomkamp movies are great. I like movies that have a lot going on plot-wise and action-wise and also anything with robots and set in the future. This one is set in South Africa, like District 9. Crime was crazy until they invented these awesome

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District 9

Can’t wait for the sequel Love the District 9 concept: aliens finally arrive here and it turns out that they need our help because something went wrong with their ship. They seem to have super advanced technology but none of it works anymore for whatever reason. Of course, we treat them like refugees and give

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A WORLD OF EXTREMES I’ve seen Elysium a few times now and I’m realizing how much Neill Blomkamp tries to make his movies futuristic, but also realistic. Here are my observations: TERRIBLE PEOPLE WITH MONEY Elysium is a space station for all of the richest people on earth. It has machines that can cure cancer

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