Mike Myers didn’t waste any time making a second Austin Powers movie, after the success of the first one.  And this one did even better at the box office, grossing more in its first weekend than the first one did in entirety.  Will Ferrell also benefited from this success. In the second movie, Austin Powers goes back in time, so the fact that Will Ferrell’s character was killed in the first movie doesn’t apply here.  We find an early Mustafa, working for Dr. Evil, set out to assassinate Austin Powers. Mustafa is captured and questioned by Powers, at which point we find out that he cannot stand to be asked the same question 3 times, and will tell the truth the third time.  A great gag by itself, but they take it one step further by overanalyzing the situation. During a line of questioning Powers asks: “Do I really have to ask you this question three times?” thinking that question counts as part of the three question rule, so when he asks the original question again, he thinks it is the third time and is surprised when Mustafa won’t answer him.  They go on to discuss that the second question that he asked was actually the first question in a whole new line of questions, and didn’t count as part of the three questions. Mike Myers is great at stuff like this. Sometimes he goes too far, but I think this one played out very well. Of course, as in the first movie, Mustafa falls to his death, this time off a cliff, but is still alive, and requesting assistance.  He is in horrible pain and he thinks his legs are broken. Arguably one of the best lines of the movie is when he says: “…the wound is beginning to smell a little like almonds, which is not good.” So many great things in this movie, like Mini Me, Fat Bastard, and Tim Robbins as President. The only sore spot, in my opinion, is Heather Graham as Felicity Shagwell. I’ve always found her to be too bland and vacant. While this may work for certain roles(Boogie Nights), I don’t think it worked here.  She was trying to play a character, which Mike Myers does so well, but it all came across too fake for me.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Movie Review)

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